Certificated ACPSM Member Level 3

The physiotherapists should show:

  • Applicants must meet the level 1 and 2 requirements as a pre-requisite
  • Written evidence of continuing mentored / reflective clinical experience in sport.
  • Written evidence of 500 hours/season clinical experience at the training and competition site.
  • Evidence of continued professional development through appropriate post-qualification skills based courses/learning opportunities.
  • Completion of M-Level education

It is expected to take approximately 6 years to acquire both the affective and cognitive skills required at Level 3. This level of professional development should be considered as the NHS equivalent of an Extended Scope Practitioner or Clinical Specialist.

Level 3 certification entitles the ACPSM member to become an ACPSM accredited sports physiotherapist, which will be at the standard required to achieve the internationally recognised standard of sports physiotherapy developed by the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapy.

A level 3 member of ACPSM would be recognised by Associations such as the British Olympic Association and UKSport with an additional profile outlining substantial clinical experience at elite level.

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