Synthetic Urine: Your A-Z Guide To Pass Urine Drug Test

Synthetic urine is the go-to solution for those who can’t detox quickly enough for their upcoming drug test because it’s a quick fix. The adoption of synthetic urine in the event of random drug testing is gaining popularity, thus the hunt for the best synthetic urine in 2022.

Imagine a situation where an employee who’s a heavy weed smoker has just two days to prepare for a drug screen and can’t get their hands on a reliable detox product. What do they do? At that point, the best solution will be a fake urine kit for a drug test. So what is synthetic urine?

Synthetic Urine

What’s Synthetic Urine?

The clue is in the name. Synthetic urine can also be called fake piss. It’s an artificial substance concocted in the laboratory to be identical to human urine. It’s usually created in the lab using the same ingredients that make up real urine. The final result is convincing that you won’t be suspicious of fake urine to pass a drug test. Now, let’s talk about the ingredients that synthetic urine has in common with real urine.

Ingredients for Synthetic Urine

A fake urine product of good quality should contain the following;

  • Urea
  • Nitrates
  • Creatinine
  • Sulfates
  • Ammonia
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Chloride

These are the chemical elements designed to produce synthetic urine for drug tests. These ingredients must be mixed in the right proportions to match or closely resemble the pH level, gravity, smell, color, and overall appearance of the original urine.

How Do I Know My Fake Urine is good?

Well, in every market, there are always original and fake products. As shown here, fake products have certain giveaways that indicate their low quality. It’s left for you, as the buyer, to pay attention to the signs. In some cases, the signals may be subtle, while the signs are apparent in others. Some of these giveaways include:

  • Poor Reviews: It’s advisable to always check for reviews if you’re shopping for the best fake pee for a drug test, especially if you’re buying the product online. Product reviews are easy to find if you’re shopping on ecommerce sites like Amazon. Pay attention to what the verified users are saying about the product and the overall ratings of the product. You should avoid any fake urine product with 1 or 2-star ratings. They’re obviously of low quality.
  • Very Low Price: Fake things are usually cheap because the production cost is meager. If you see fake urine products with very low price tags, don’t get excited, even if you’re on a low budget. It’s very likely that such products have low quality and won’t give you the desired results. On the other hand, there are excellent fake urine products that are affordable. So, to be sure that you’re not dismissing a good product because of its low price, check the reviews and ratings of that particular product.
  • Little or No Marketing: Of course, it won’t make sense to advertise or promote a low-quality product. Another giveaway is poor product packaging.
  • Smell and Appearance: Urinating daily has acquainted humans with the appearance and smell of urine. So seeing something that doesn’t appear or smell like the real thing is a warning bell that you shouldn’t buy it.

So how does one go for the best synthetic urine?

How to Choose the Best Synthetic Urine?

As low-quality fake urine products have particular giveaways, so do high-quality products. Below are some of the things to note:

  • Presence of Uric Acid: A fake pee of good quality should be produced with uric acid as one of the ingredients. This is one of the chemical components that lab tests will check out, and if it’s not detected, your employer will know that the urine sample you submitted is not real urine. So, always check the ingredients section on the packaging for uric acid and other vital urine components.
  • Its Temperature: Just as a real piss has a warm temperature, so does high-quality fake urine. To be sure you’re getting the best fake piss kit in 2022, check to ensure that the product you’re purchasing comes with a heating pad that will keep the urine solution warm until it’s ready for urinalysis. The temperature of the fake urine sample should be within the range of 36o-38o Celsius, or 92o-100o Fahrenheit.
  • Brand: One hack to get the best synthetic urine for a drug screen is to buy a fake urine product from a trusted brand. Usually, there are several fake urine brands, but few have stood out because of their product quality. You can check for products from brands such as Whizzinator, Clear Choice, Quick Fix, The Urinator, UPass, Testclear, etc.
  • Durability: Some fake urines last for a few months, while some last for up to 2 years. We recommend buying fake urine that lasts longer. This way, you can buy the product and store it until the day you need it.

How to Prepare for a Test Using Synthetic Urine?

Getting a fake urine product is one phase. The next one is getting yourself ready for the marijuana drug screen. You can prepare for your test by following specific helpful tests.

Wear More Clothes

We recommend wearing more clothes to keep your body temperature warm. Your heightened body temperature will keep your fake urine sample until it’s ready to be tested. Alternatively, if you can’t wear more clothes, at least ensure you bring the heating pads to keep your urine sample within the recommended temperature range.

Become Acquainted with Fake Urine on You

It isn’t as easy as it sounds, but as they say, practice makes perfect. Before the day of your test, practice how to keep your urine sample warm and how to conceal it on you while appearing natural at the same time. Also, practice how to walk with it. You’ll rouse suspicions if you appear at the lab, walking like a person that’s hiding something.

Be Discreet

It can be tempting to share something like this at work with your friends and colleagues in the office, but it’s not a smart move. So we recommend keeping your plans to use synthetic urine for drug test to yourself. You can’t trust anyone.

How to Use Synthetic Urine Properly?

We’ll show you how to use fake urine to pass a drug test through some steps. Depending on the manufacturer, the product comes in a plastic bottle either as a pre-mixed urine solution or in a powdered form, which will require mixing. Follow these instructions to use fake urine to pass drug test:

  1. Remove the plastic bottle from its packaging and open the cap.
  2. Use the heating pad to increase the temperature of the solution to the recommended temperature range (36 o-38o Celsius).
  3. Shake the bottle so that the ingredients will mix properly. If it’s already correctly mixed, shaking it further won’t hurt.
  4. It’s ready to be tested. All you have to do now is take it to the lab and transfer its content to the jar you’re supposed to pee inside.

How to Use a Synthetic Urine Kit Properly?

We’ve already gone over the steps, so we’ll tell you the major components of the fake pee test kit. They include:

  1. Pre-mixed liquid/powdered urine: This is the urine sample you’ll use for the drug test. If it’s powdered, you’ll need to mix it.
  2. Heating pads or hand warmers: To heat the urine or maintain its temperature.
  3. Temperature strip: To show the temperature level of the urine sample. This will help you know when the urine is within or outside the recommended temperature range.

How Not To Get Caught Using the Fake Urine Product?

This is all about ensuring the synthetic urine appears as natural as possible. For the sake of convenience, we recommend using the pre-mixed pee.

Properly Mixing the Urine Few Minutes to the Test

If you decide to go for powdered urine, you have to be precise about the quantity of water you add and the heating process as well. Precision is essential because if the temperature of the urine sample falls outside the recommended temperature range, any chance of passing the urine drug test has flown out the window. Get a bottle, mix the powder with distilled water and shake it till the solution is frothing. Also, ensure you do this a few minutes before the test. Then heat the solution after mixing. Too inconvenient?

Then get the pre-mixed solution, shake it till the froth shows, and heat it in a microwave or via the heating pads, or better still, use your body temperature. Preparing the solution shortly before the test gives you more time for the urine to appear natural till you’ve been tested.

Using Hand Warmers to Keep the Sample Warm

Hand Warmers are an excellent alternative to heating pads. They’re portable, which makes them easy to conceal. They’re also readily available for sale on the markets. The essential quality of hand warmers is that they can retain heat for 18 hours. That’s far more than enough time to heat the urine or keep its temperature within the recommended range.

To effectively use the hand warmer, ensure you’re constantly checking the temperature strip of your urine sample so it doesn’t overheat. You’re to place the hand warmer on the plastic bottle.

Heating Pads

Heating pads come with the fake pee kit. We don’t advise taking this with you to the lab, so you should use it to keep the urine warm for a few minutes before going to the lab. There are alternative ways of heating your urine, such as microwaving it for 10 seconds.

How to Sneak Urine into a Supervised Drug Test?

Supervised drug tests are real bummers because they make it very difficult to use a fake urine sample to pass urinalysis and also because they infringe on one’s privacy. Knowing how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine is essential if you want to retain your employment or get that promotion. Employers resort to supervised drug tests for two reasons. The first reason is if they suspect foul play in the previous drug test, which was unsupervised. The other reason is if the employee to be tested is about to be promoted to a sensitive position in the company.

Supervised drug tests cost employers more than unsupervised ones, so they don’t always use them unless they have to. Even athletes and drug rehab centers use supervised drug tests, but not always. Supervised drug tests have to happen with your permission in a corporate scenario. Although they make concealing and using fake urine much harder, it’s still doable. There are ways to go around it. The hack ensures the observer doesn’t suspect you during sample collection.

Some of these tips include:

  • Leg Strapping: You’ll need to purchase a leg strap that will secure the fake urine sample to your thighs or legs before going to the restroom to collect your urine sample. While securing the sample to your body, you must ensure it stays warm. So we recommend using the hand warmers in conjunction with the leg strap. You can strap the hand warmers on the opposite side of the fake urine sample to conceal it.
  • Taping: This method involves using tape to secure a urine sample you’ve extracted before coming to the lab. Taping is usually done on the torso. Alternatively, you can use a rubber band to keep the hose under the penis or the vulva. This method gets tricky to execute if your sample collection is closely observed. However, it can work if your observer is not in the stall with you.
  • Storing the Urine Sample in your Underwear: This method involves leg strapping. However, you’ll have to conceal the urine sample with your underwear after attaching it to your private part or thigh. You can use duct tape or joint wrap to get the job done. It’s a risky method, and it’s not easy to execute. So if you’re opting for this, you’ll need a lot of practice to get the job done.

Best Synthetic Urine in 2022

These products answer how to pass a urine drug test. They include:

  1. Testclear Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit
  2. Clear Choice Incognito Belt
  3. Clear Choice Quick Luck
  4. The Urinator
  5. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Testсlear Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit

Testсlear has produced what’s regarded as arguably the best fake urine kit for drug testing. Many top artificial urine manufacturers have taken great pains to replicate the chemical and physical composition of real urine. This brand has been in this line of business for more than 20 years and is a consistent producer of fake urine kits. Testclear powdered synthetic urine kit is presumed to be manufactured from real human urine. This means that once you hydrate the powdered urine formula, you’ll have real human urine, not just one produced from your bladder.

Testclear produced this fake urine by getting real human urine that’s drug-free and drying it to powdered form. Their fake urine sample contains all the ingredients found in natural urine.

This kit contains:

  • A tube of powdered urine
  • A pair of air-activated warmers
  • A medical vial made of polycarbonate
  • Thermal strip


  • Testclear has a stellar reputation in the fake urine market, and it’s been a fixture for an extended period than other fake urine products such as The Urinator, Quick Fix, etc.
  • The product is durable.
  • The fake urine has a high rate of success, as seen in the product ratings and reviews
  • The urine is real human urine, not a simulation.
  • It comes with well-written usage instructions, making it easy for first-timers to use.


  • It costs $49.95 on the official site, which makes it relatively more expensive than fake urine products such as Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.
  • It’s hard to conceal since it smells exactly like real urine.
  • It comes in powdered form and has to be rehydrated and heated before it can be used for testing.
  • Adding the right amount of water may be tricky.

Clear Choice Incognito Belt

This fake urine kit is one of the favorites on the market because it gives users the best chance of passing the urine drug test without being detected. It’s lighter, and it’s able to wrap the urine sample around you discreetly. The fake urine that comes with this kit is very close to real urine, and it contains as many as 11 urine components.

The kit contains:

  • A pair of heating pads
  • One bladder bag with 3 ounces of pre-mixed urine solution
  • Temperature sensors
  • Urine belt (velcro adjustability)

You must heat the bag and strap the belt around your abdomen. There’s a tube that you will use for this and hide under your clothes. The bladder bag has a clip. To release the sample into the jar or bottle given by the lab, you must open the clip.


  • The urine kit is easy to use.
  • The male and female gender can use it.
  • The urine kit comes with an easily concealable belt.
  • The urine sample is very durable; it can last for as long as 12 months.
  • The pH and consistency of the urine sample are identical to that of real urine.


  • You can only use this kit twice.
  • The product is more expensive than other kits on the market.

Clear Choice Quick Luck

This product has already been regarded as one of the most reliable fake urine kits despite its relative newness on the market. It’s a Sub Solution formula that comes with two heating pads and a heat activator. Clear Choice tests this product every year to ensure it remains top-quality and goes undetected in urinalysis. The product contains the same components as real urine, and it’s also free of toxins and biocide – elements that can corrupt a urine sample.


  • Its urine formula is one of the very best on the market.
  • The product has high ratings and has been used to pass numerous urine drug tests.
  • It comes pre-mixed, which makes it easier to use.
  • The product is upgraded yearly, unlike Test Clear Powdered Urine and other fake urine kits.


  • The product costs $100, which is almost double the price of Test Clear Powdered Urine.
  • It has to be hidden under what you’re wearing to the lab.

The Urinator

This urine kit is more convenient to use than other fake urine products because of two features – it comes with a digital temperature controller, and it’s a battery-operated device. It’s the most technologically-oriented fake urine kit, and it’s the best urine kit in terms of temperature regulation. This kit contains more components than other fake urine kits, such as Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and Test Clear Powdered Urine. This kit contains:

  • A powdered urine sample from a donor
  • A liquid crystal thermometer with a 2-port IV bag
  • A 60ml syringe
  • Digital controller
  • Silicone heater
  • Thermal insulating blanket
  • Stainless steel rod with temperature sensor


  • Convenient temperature regulation
  • Its contraption can be reused after the first time. The only thing you need to buy is the urine sample.
  • It comes with more than one urine sample in case you need to run a trial with it before using it for the drug test.
  • The IV bag which stores the urine is skin-friendly.


  • The Urinator costs $150, which makes it more expensive than even Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, which is also considered expensive.
  • Unlike Clear Choice Incognito Belt, its contraption is not easily concealable, and you can be detected.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

This is one of the most popular fake urine brands on the market. It’s a synthetic product but created to be almost identical to real human urine. Its gravity and pH match that of real urine. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine also contains all the ingredients that make up real urine. It’s a pre-mixed solution with numerous positive reviews from users.


  • Unlike Test Clear Powdered Urine and The Urinator, the urine formula comes in liquid format, so all you have to do is mix and shake it.
  • It has a longer shelf life (2 years) than products such as Clear Choice Quick Luck and Test Clear Powdered Urine.
  • It’s one of the most affordable fake urine kits on the market.
  • Tons of positive reviews attest to its quality.


  • It’s not a standalone kit; you may have to purchase an additional kit to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Synthetic Urine

Why can’t I just borrow clean pee from my friend who doesn’t use weed?

Because it’s a tricky situation. If a random drug test is announced and you’ve been selected for the drug screen, you won’t have the time to get a sample from your friend. Even if you pull it off somehow, there’s a high chance you’ll mess up the chemical balance of the creatinine, pH, gravity, and other essential components. In essence, you may manage to get the pee and still fail the drug screen.

Does synthetic urine work? Can fake pee for drug tests be used for all types of tests? Can synthetic urine be detected?

The question, “will fake pee pass a drug test?” is one of the paramount concerns to cannabis users. People don’t want to spend money on fake urine products only to fail the drug test. The very fact that many fake urine products get positive reviews from people who used them to pass a drug test answers that question already. Fake urine works as you purchase the right one, keep its temperature within the required range, and shake it properly. Fake pee, a urine product, only works for urine drug tests. Another prominent question cannabis users ask is, “can labs detect synthetic urine in 2022?” The answer is yes, fake urine is detectable if you don’t follow the usage instructions or keep its temperature within the recommended range.

What temperature should urine be for a drug test?

The ideal temperature range is between 92o-100o Fahrenheit. Anything outside this and your chances of passing the drug test are slim.

How long does urine stay warm?

With your hand warmers or heating pads, you can keep the urine warm for up to 7 hours.

Will hand warmers overheat urine?

Hand warmers are not designed to overheat the urine but to maintain the required temperature. If hand warmers were made to overheat a urine sample, they might cause blisters on the hand.

How much fake pee is needed for a drug test?

You’ll need a minimum of 45ml or 1.5 ounces of urine for urinalysis. If you need to practice with the fake pee test kit, get at least 3 ounces of synthetic urine.

How to make synthetic urine (DIY)? Is it possible?

Yes, you can recreate fake urine if you have distilled water and all the essential ingredients, including creatinine, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, urea, albumin powder, etc. It’s not an easy process because it goes beyond having all the ingredients; you also have to mix them in the right proportions to get a balance close to that of real human urine. Any mistake with the proportions will produce low-quality fake urine. The best option is to buy synthetic urine from a trusted brand.

Does synthetic urine expire? How long does urine stay good at room temperature?

Yes. Synthetic urine has a shelf life. It varies depending on the manufacturer. Some fake urine kits have longer shelf life than others. The expiry date is always indicated on the packaging. So we advise checking for the expiry date before purchasing it. Most fake urine kits last for at least 12 months. At room temperature, powdered urine lasts longer than pre-mixed urine solution. The former can stay good for many years while the latter will deteriorate after two years.

Can you freeze urine for a drug test?

Yes, it can, but this demands some care. It has to be stored properly in the refrigerator so that it will thaw well when removed. Ensure you store the urine in a well-sealed plastic bottle. Ensure that the bottle is clean and dry before using it to store urine. For extra protection, you can get a plastic bag to cover the container or bottle where the urine will be stored.

Where can I buy synthetic urine locally?

This is easy. There are numerous retail stores such as gas stations, Walgreens, Public, CVS, etc. You can also google “what stores sell synthetic urine near me or “where to buy fake pee near me” If you can’t find where to purchase it around you, you can check ecommerce sites.

Does Walmart or Walgreens sell synthetic urine?

Yes. These are major retail stores that sell synthetic urine near me. They will have synthetic urine in stock. However, we can’t be sure if their quality is lab-graded. If you’re buying from these stores, ensure you’re buying fake urine products from trusted brands such as Test Clear, Quick Fix, Clear Choice, etc.

Is there any female synthetic urine kit? Is there unisex synthetic urine available?

Sure. Fake urine kits such as Clear Choice Incognito Belt, The Urinator, and Quick Fix Synthetic Urine can be used by both genders. In fact, nearly every fake urine kit on the market is neutral in gender. This way, fake urine brands get both male and female customers.

Do synthetic urine belts work?

Yes. They do. That’s why fake urine products such as Clear Choice Incognito Belt are popular. However, to get the best out of these urine belts, you must learn how to use them. You can practice at home. So that on the day of your urine drug test, you’ll be skilled in using it. This is important unless you want to draw unwanted attention.

Is Powdered Synthetic Urine Good?

Yes. But its quality depends on the manufacturer. Powdered urine from fake urine brands such as Test Clear has unquestionable quality. For lesser-known brands, you have to check the packaging to see if the urine formula contains all the right ingredients and if it was blended in the correct proportions. Finally, ensure that you heat the urine properly before the drug test. The only downside to high-quality powdered urine is that it’s not ideal for a drug test coming up at short notice. This is because you have to prepare and mix it, then heat it for the drug test. A pre-mixed liquid is more convenient.

Does synthetic urine work for LabCorp urine tests?

Several people have used synthetic urine kits to beat LabCorp urine tests. However, it’s a tricky situation, and we advise you to tread carefully because if you use synthetic urine and fail the LabCorp urine test, you’ll be hearing from LabCorp authorities.

How Many States Have Laws Banning the Use or Sale of Such Synthetic Products?

Up to 18 states have approved legislation prohibiting synthetic urine because it’s been used to cheat on urine drug tests. This means synthetic urine allows users to outsmart the court, their employers, and even the police. That’s why several labs are placing urine samples under intense scrutiny to ensure that the urine sample is real and not a high-quality fake.

What is allowed and what’s not?

What’s allowed and banned concerning synthetic urine depends on the state that you are in. In states such as Arkansas, New Hampshire, and so on, synthetic urine is completely banned. This means that the manufacturing, distribution, sale, and use of fake urine are illegal in such states.

Any offender caught producing, distributing, selling, buying, or using a fake urine kit for cheating drug tests in such states is guilty of a felony punishable by law. Fake urine manufacturers have found a way to circumvent this legality by posting a disclaimer that their product is not meant for passing urine drug tests.

Synthetic Urine: Your A-Z Guide To Pass Urine Drug Test

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