10 Companies That Don’t Drug Test

No drug test jobs are getting more and more popular

If you’re looking for information about jobs and companies that don’t drug test in 2022, this article is for you. Illegal drugs are always tough to refuse. Though a few individuals have the resolve to refuse, most can be convinced with ease. Whichever the reason, the majority of businesses in the United States do not want to hire substance abusers or alcoholics.

The hazards associated with hiring persons that regularly use illegal narcotics are simply too great. Contrary to drug-free individuals, individuals who use illicit substances are more likely to have work-related accidents. But still the list of companies that don’t drug test has increased in 2022.

United States businesses try to achieve a monthly injury rate of nil. The principal advantage of preserving a substance-free work environment is a reduction in incoming employees’ insurance claims. Additionally, it can lower the costs of health coverage for mistakes and omissions and employees’ compensations. This being said, you may start thinking “Then how do I find no drug test jobs near me?” Read on to find the answer.

Jobs That Don't Drug Test

How much money is wasted on drug testing?

It might be challenging to determine precise costs per test, per month, or per year, since a variety of factors can influence the typical price of a drug test for applicants and workers.

These figures also rely on factors such as:

  • The kinds of substance screening scheduled
  • The consistency of testing
  • Magnitude of applicants and workers who underwent testing etc.

As per PBS, just urinary drug testing costs almost $9 billion annually. So you can imagine the total cost of all drug testing for US taxpayers. But still an estimate by NIDA states that the annual cost of drug abuse in the US is close to $740 billion. This incredible number is also a result of criminal incidences and health care costs which accompany drug testing.

Drug testing exceptions

There, of course, exist some exceptions when even the most employee-friendly companies may subject newly hired employees to drug tests. These could range from company policies to the type of job one is applying for.

  1. In order to avoid being held accountable by law
    If a drunk worker causes injury to a coworker, the company may be held legally responsible. Drinking and using drugs such as THC, amphetamines (AMP), liquor, cocaine (COC) and opium-derived drugs (OPI) at work can also be against OSHA and national employment safety rules. In such situations, typically a urine drug test is required to be submitted to the company.
  2. To become eligible for reductions on workers’ compensation
    If a business takes specified measures to ensure a drug-free workplace, which may involve testing job candidates, several states could give them discounts on their employees’ premiums costs.
  3. Commercial Driver’s Licensure
    Companies which use warehousing and heavy vehicles often deal with cargos, inflammable materials, fragile products and so on. They may require the recruited warehouse workers and drivers to pass a drug test before employment. And this demand is very logical, we think.

List of 10 Companies That Don’t Drug Test

Below we have listed the top ten companies which do not do drug tests. This list will help you understand what jobs don’t drug test. So to find no drug test jobs, you can try to secure a job at any of the multinational companies listed down.

Among companies offering jobs that dont drug test, the following are the most renowned ones, with greater salaries and employment benefits.

Does Walmart drug test?

Walmart is regarded as the most well-known big-box retailer. With more than 2 million employees worldwide, including around 1.5 million in the US alone, Walmart is presently the top non-governmental recruiter on a global scale. Urinary drug testing is the most often utilized test since they are quick and easy to perform. The exam results might be delivered to the organization in only one or two days. After receiving the exam results, the employer may contact the candidates to go over the further stages of screening.

Does Target drug test?

Target no longer mandates testing procedures for any of its employees, with the exception of warehousing and asset protection staff, after making certain significant adjustments to the policy in the past few years. Because of this, Target is a great option for employment that does not need substance abuse screening. Additionally, compared to similar franchises, the corporation frequently pays a better beginning wage and provides generous perks to permanent workers.

Prior to lifting the obligation for the majority of its staff, Target had set a mandate for the drug screening of all personnel.

Does Amazon drug test?

Amazon is a business that doesn’t check for cannabis consumption. They still perform substance abuse screening, but no longer include cannabinoid tests, including mouth swab drug tests, in the mandatory set. They could have a concern if you take additional substances, yet they won’t judge you for using weed. They see weed usage as being equivalent to liquor consumption.

Simply refrain from using it while working, and they won’t mention anything. This policy is applicable to all positions in the company that aren’t subject to US Department of Transportation regulation. You could still have to undergo a screening, which may include a mouth swab drug test, if your job involves driving.

Does Starbucks drug test?

Another of the largest corporations which don’t test for drugs is Starbucks, which is well-known among many coffee consumers. The drinks and foods corporation offers professional vacations and pays for education costs as part of a unique initiative to get young people to apply for jobs in it. The business is renowned for giving its workers a few among the greatest beneficial programs and not drug-testing them.

Starbucks is known for being an employer that values its employees and has been included on lists of “the World’s Most Admired Companies, the 100 Best Companies to Work For, the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World, and the World’s Most Ethical Companies”. No one on the large coffee company’s staff is subjected to drug screening, including the countless company employees, branch heads, and regional executives. In terms of “alternative” physical alterations such as piercings, body art, as well as unusually colored and styled hair, the organization is very accommodating.

Starbucks gives large discounted rates on goods to their employees in conjunction with reasonable compensation packages, creating a promising and excellent work environment for tea and coffee lovers accompanied by a penchant for consumer services.

Does Chipotle drug test?

A quickly expanding Mexican fast-food chain, Chipotle Mexican Grill is present across the United States as well as other important regions including the United Kingdom, French territory, and Deutschland. Chipotle opened its first location in Denver in the 1990s and now consists of over 2,200 locations worldwide. The organization does not provide substance abuse tests to its workers, as per Glassdoor evaluations. After being chosen by the process of a virtual job application form, the majority of the processes prior to interviews are conducted virtually.

It provides a number of fantastic bonuses, such as healthcare coverage, incentive schemes, and financial aid for college. Additionally, the company has made efforts to utilize ecologically healthy resources wherever possible. Whoever is looking for employment but has no wish to submit to drug testing might think about working with the organization.

Does Apple drug test?

One of the strongest firms that do not conduct substance tests includes Apple, the biggest firm on the planet by capital value. Although the corporate site may not explicitly address the topic, it is not surprising. Apple is notorious for its rule of silence and concealment, but still they don’t seem to maintain a drug screening policy in place.

The majority of its competitors are equally quiet regarding this info. This position is typical of companies like the Silicon Valley titan, which does not conduct screening to attract and keep the best employees. Apple’s approach regarding drug screening for workers, from employed persons to senior managerial posts, is unknown. No tolerance drug screening procedures significantly reduce the talented workforce, which Apple aims to fill with individuals who are excellent at their professions.

It is extremely improbable to get screened at Apple, providing that the person’s habit does not impair his working ability (in addition, as long as the worker does not get hurt at work – rare, yet possible).

Does Microsoft drug test?

Microsoft is looking for creative and talented minds. So as far as the worker has a solid record or résumé, a failed screening will not prevent the person from being employed by the computer giant. Microsoft never performs drug testing on already employed workers. There is a sizable number of applicants. But still workers generally have extremely high opinions of the firm. Jobs at the company also seem to be worthwhile because of the fierce competitiveness it requires for landing one.

Despite this, the US-based multinational software corporation never performs drug testing on its staff. Washington, which is among the jurisdictions with official legalization of the act of possessing weed (in minute quantities), has been the home to Microsoft’s corporate head office.

Does Twitter drug test?

The information and social media platform Twitter, which is renowned for offering many of the greatest beneficial programs for its staff, is among the largest corporations that do not conduct drug tests. Many sources claim that the business does not administer drug tests to its workers. The majority of the skilled individuals that Twitter employs come via its homepage, via recommendations, at conventions, and hiring fairs. Additionally, the business has a solid history of offering its volunteers full-time positions.

Twitter does not impose screening procedures as a prerequisite for the hiring process. Neither does the company occasionally screen its employees for drugs. Twitter keeps its head away from a worker’s privacy practices in the same way as numerous other networking platforms.

Does Facebook drug test?

Among the technological businesses across the planet, these days with the quickest growth is Facebook. The business is renowned for offering its workers excellent beneficial packages and without requiring them to submit to substance tests.  As per online discussion boards, software businesses, particularly the larger corporates, do not conduct drug tests. Facebook frequently employs people belonging to countries beyond the United States and searches for those who can create substantial things instead of academic assignments.

Despite the nature of a number of the positions, passing a substance screening is not a requirement for employment. The software giant does not also require arbitrary drug testing. It also provides a range of employment opportunities. A few of these opportunities call for in-person official employment, while the rest operate remotely.

Does Whole Foods drug test?

Renowned naturally sustainable edibles distributor Whole Foods has more than 450 locations in the United States, the UK, and Canada. They possess more than 25,000 units that preserve naturalness. Company has a range of categories including processed foods, bulked, meat, dairy, frozen, and baked items. Generally, Whole Foods does not conduct testing on prospective workers for drugs. Nevertheless, this practice might not be applicable to those employed who  operate construction equipment.

The pre-employment and post-employment substance tests at Whole Foods are not mandatory. The rising restaurant business, which has its headquarters in Texas, doesn’t penalize employees who use marijuana or any other kinds of substances, provided that doing so will not compromise their ability to do their tasks. It is a forward-thinking corporation that cares significantly about the effectiveness at work instead of private activities.


The corporate sector is realizing that persisting on an obligatory drug screen would hamper their capacity to hire employees in light of the fact that cannabis has been allowed in several regions. Fifty-six per cent of big companies, including Chick-Fil-A, still demand certain sorts of drug testing, while others have changed policy to not include weed.

Some organizations no longer screen for drugs until an event occurs that results in harm or property destruction. These corporations are simpler to discover in areas where cannabis consumption is legalized, although some businesses have implemented the guidelines internationally. So now you can just type “jobs that don’t drug test 2022” and choose the one that suits you perfectly.

10 Companies That Don’t Drug Test
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