ACPSM Education Strategy

ACPSM provides the following 3 courses that map to the ACPSM CPD Pathway but other courses are also appropriate:

– Taping

– Massage

– Exercise & Rehabilitation

In addition to these courses, members are required to complete a sports first aid course to achieve Bronze level accreditation and a recognised trauma management course in order to achieve Silver or Gold status.

Education Profile

ACPSM have moved to provide a more ‘joined-up’ education package that maps each of the ACPSM courses to the competencies necessary for accreditation.

The courses are designed to facilitate members in achieving the relevant level of accreditation and provide an oppportunity to attend highly practical, sport-specific courses with like-minded people.

The core ACPSM courses are:

Sports Taping (2 days) – necessary for Bronze

Sports Massage Practitioners (4) days – necessary for Silver

Clinical Reasoning in Exercise and Rehabilitation (4 days) – necessary for Silver

Both the sports massage and exercise and rehab courses take place over two weekends.

Benefits of ACPSM Courses

Provides the opportunity to complete highly practical sport specific courses that are tutored by experienced sports physiotherapists

Provides a more coherent educational strategy t omembers

Addresses key competencies linked to ACPSM accreditation pathway

Quality assurance – all courses are centrally administered by ACPSM and audited to ensure continued high standards.

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