Message from The Chair

Dear Members

It has come to our attention this morning from the CSP that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint against Kinesio UK (the UK distributer for Kinesiotape) – the ruling was on 11th July 2012. Please see the link below.

Message from The Chair

The complaint relates to the medical claims on the Kinesio UK website. It appears the distributer was unable to provide sufficient evidence to support the medical benefits claimed on its website. ACPSM members are being made aware in case:

· Members are called to comment in the future (especially in light of the Olympics and the tapes obvious profile)

· Members need to be aware of the need to be cautious with advertising the benefits of this tape in the future

The CSP are considering how we will be making the wider membership aware. This is similar to a ruling against acupuncture some time ago which lead to a restriction on what practitioners could claims in their advertising. If you would like to discuss this further please call Steve Tolan, Professional Advisor at the CSP, 02073066663.

Kind Regards

Laura Hanna

ACPSM chair

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